Finally, the results have been transcribed from the competition spreadsheets. The whole club needs to be congratulated. This is a great team effort because we needed every point from every image to achieve the award of the Overall Champion Club. Well done to everyone who entered an image, the club appreciates the effort you put in creating those images.

A special mention to Lyn Craggs for winning the Set Subject and achieving 3rd place in the Open Colour. Also another special mention to Vicki Hayes for 3rd place in the Open Monochrome.

Well done to those who achieved merits and congratulations to everyone.
We toast your victories…

Overall Champion Club (Interclub Competition)

Tamworth Camera Club1
Forster Digital Photography Club2
Port Macquarie Panthers Photographic Club3
C-ex Coffs Camera Club4
Kempsey Macleay RSL Photographic Club5
Lismore Camera Club6
Club Taree Photographic Club7
Grafton Camera Club8
Nambucca Head Camera Club9

Set Subject Winners (Monochrome Patterns)
First:                Lyn Craggs, Tamworth Camera Club, “Tactile”
Second:           Mike Gibbs, Port Macquarie Panthers, “Drapes”
Third:              Helen Walker, Forster Club, “Down for a Look”

Competition Winning Image
Sharon Sykes, Coffs Camera Club, “Morning”

Category Winners (Interclub)
Colour Digital:             Tamworth Camera Club
Monochrome Digital: C-ex Coffs Camera Club
Creative Digital:          Kempsey Macleay Camera Club

SET SUBJECT: Score is out of 15
14 Lyn Craggs – First – Tactile
12 Phillip Ennis-Merit Harvest
11 Nev Ritchie-Shelf Life
11 Lyn Craggs-Kaleidscope
11 Lyn Craggs-Bee ready
11 Sharon Ritchie-Poppies 1
10 Nev Ritchie-Cube on a roll
10 Sharon Ritchie-Lizard
10 Phil Ennis-Mona
10 Lyn Craggs-10 Reflective Love
10 Jacqui Munro-Buttons
10 Sharon Ritchie-Twirl
10 Phil Ennis-Snowpath
10 Haley Robinson-Lifesavers
9 Haley Robinson-Spotty feathers
9 Terese Miller- Stack of pencils
9 Terese Miller- Fruit skewer
9 Nev Ritchie -Wheel disc
9 Paul Brial -Mosque
9 Phil Ennis-I Wheel
8 Jacqui Munro-Wharf
8 Terese Miller -Plate of fruit
8 Sharon Ritchie-Sand ripples
8 Terese Miller-Mono Patterns
8 Neville Ritchie-Tree Bark
7 Paul Brial-Bella’s leaf
7 Haley Robinson-Zebra Feathers
7 Paul Brial-Vancouver Tenement
6 Paul Brial-Whistler BC

OPEN COLOUR: Score is out of 15
Tamworth 2nd place
14 Lyn Craggs -3rd – NZ Reflections
13 Tony Green-Giant weavil
12 Lyn Craggs-Lake Alexandria
12 Sharon Ritchie-Dawn Uluru
12 Tony Green-Baby Huntsman
11 Angelina Nelson-Fairy wren
11 Fay Renton-Lighting the milky way
11 Fay Renton-Living on the dunes
11 Phil Ennis-Alesund
10 Jenelle Germon-The Mangroves
10 Kevin Craggs-Tasmania Eddiston Point
10 Neville Ritchie-Skilled nest builder
10 Vicki Hayes -Alli
9 David Godden-Willy’s lot
8 Leona Broekman-Bokeh wine bottle

CREATIVE: Score is out of 15
Tamworth 1st Place
13 Sharon Ritchie-Uluru dreaming
12 Lyn Craggs-You light up my life
12 Lyn Craggs-Orange in a can
12 Phil Ennis-Cultery
12 Angelina Nelson-Around the street
11 Sharon Ritchie -Sleeping poppy
11 Sharon Ritchie-Elephants
11 Lyn Craggs-Cyber keys
11 Fay Renton -Cup of cherries
10 Angelina Nelson-Peacock
10 Haley Robinson-OOhh umm
9 Neville Ritchie-Wool classer
9 Tony Green-Tree in smoke
9 Leona Broekman-Canola Flower
8 Jan Hannerman-Eccentric grater

OPEN MONOCHROME: Score is out of 15
Tamworth 3rd Place
13 Vicki Hayes-3rd-Ready to go
13 Lyn Craggs-Old books have character
11 Vicki Hayes-Foggy romance
11 Angelina Nelson-Concentration
10 Sharon Ritchie-The corso
10 Lyn Craggs- The back kettle
10 Neville Ritchie-Shadow & Light
10 Angelina Nelson-Seagull
10 Fay Renton-Forgotten song
10 Neville Ritchie-Bike rider
9 Fay Renton-Sydney
9 Neville Ritchie-Cut out
9 Lyn Craggs-Brayshaw Homestead
9 Marg Pannan-Wrecked
9 Leona Broekman- Falls